Online group booking made easy

Simplify the group process, groupify makes online group booking easy for both the waterpark and the customer.


The Group Leader Selects Date


Offer Is Shared Via Text, Email & Social


Pricing Adjusts As Group Grows

Take control of your groups

Many waterparks are seeing a decline in group bookings. The old model of “15 people to get group rates”, just doesn’t work anymore. Why can’t you have a group of 5 or 8?

Groupify was created to allow groups of any size. The pricing adjusts based on the group total. As the group adds members, the price decreases per person!

With social sharing built-in, group members can invite others to join the group. Each member can then chose the ticket type and options they want, such as food packages, parking, etc.


See How It Works
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    “Groupify is an important part of our overall group sales plan. This allows us to implement discounted pricing strategies while still effectively maintaining our yields. ”
    Brandy Ream
    Spirit Mountain
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    “Groupify changed how we manage our groups, it got rid of all the paperwork and makes it easy for the group leader!”
    Tony Seyffer
    Welch Village